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Why Choose Tempest Kitchen Worktops

Samsung Tempest is the premium non-porous work surface that creates a hygienically beautiful environment. Solid Surface material has the ability to be seamlessly fabricated into flowing surfaces, with integrated sinks, drainers and other features.

The easy way to maintain a clean and healthy kitchen. Unlike many laminate countertops, Tempest Preformed Worktops is nonporous with inconspicuous seams. This means that even germs and moisture cannot infiltrate and cause damage, making it the perfect choice for kitchens.

Feature and Benefits of Tempest Worktops

  • Moisture, stain and chemical resistant making it ideal for food preparation areas.
  • Greater resistance to bacteria with inconspicuous seams, germs canít penetrate or reside in grout seams.
  • Seamless joints that give design flexibility to achieve integrated sink modules, drainer grooves and hob bars.
  • Outstanding durability, making it perfect for commercial surfaces that face daily wear and tear
  • Finish is smooth and tactile making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Light damage and scratches can be repaired using our Care and Maintenance kit.
  • Wide range of colours to work with any kitchen design.

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