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Is it possible to use Tempest as a shower tray?

Yes it is. Tempest as a shower tray is a great material and a wise choice to install. One thing it will do is allow you to avoid using grout in the shower. Grout can get nasty in the shower and can be a real pain to keep clean. It tends to get dirty, moldy, and brown when it is constantly facing the pressures of being wet. If you put grout in your shower it will need to be cleaned regularly and it's not an easy clean product. We've all seen the infomercials for the "magic" cleaner that cleans dirty grout between tiles with "a quick spray and the gentle swipe of a sponge." It's a lot more involved than spraying a magic cleaning solution and rinsing away the grime.

So this makes Tempest a prefect non porous material to make shower trays. You can also use Tempest on the walls to completely seal all the wet area to your shower cubicle. Many people choose to install Tempest shower trays even when they choose to install granite or natural stone in their shower. It is not wise and can be against standard building code to put a smooth surface like granite or natural stone on the base of one's shower. It is too smooth a surface and would be dangerous to stand on in the shower.

Is Tempest too slippery too use as a shower tray? Isn't Tempest just as smooth as stone?

Tempest is slick and might not be safe without first roughing up the surface. This can be done with a matte finish. This will make the surface slightly rough to the touch but will not change the Tempest's appearance.

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