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No pores or voids and seemless impermeable joins don't encourage mould or bacteria, reducing the risk of cross infection, and saving time in daily and yearly


  • All solid surface materials are Hygiene certified.
  • With integrated sinks and bowls eliminate the cleaning problem around sink rims.
  • With coved backsplash eliminate the difficulty of cleaning at the backsplash area.

Tempest is a brand of solid surface countertops that was developed Samsung. As such it is the original and best available solid surface countertop you can buy. It represents the best choice in several areas, some of which include sanitation, ease of use and maintenance, ease of installation, and design options. Tempest can be built for you in hundreds of colors with any style of edge you can imagine (bullnose, for example) and is extremely versatile. Tempest is microscopically much tighter than granite and can be easily disinfected for safe food preparation. It is easily repaired even in the worst case scenario (such as burns or cracks). It never needs to sealed like granite or concrete and lasts much longer than veneers. It really is an amazing material.

When choosing solid surface worktop material for a healthcare/dental area you have to look for the essentials as nonabsorbent, hygienic and easy to clean worktops. Staron is perfect choice. Designers are now taking in consideration of creating a more comfortable setting in a healthcare/dental environment. Tempest solid surface worktop have all the benefits required for the steraliation zones. People have to always consider solid surface that in the long term will not cost you money.

Tempest solid surface worktop is becoming very popular in the healthcare/dental setting. Tempest solid surface worktop is ideal where hygiene and easy upholding is essential. Tempest is very durable, non-porous, and resistant to heat and impact. You can also sand out minor scratches easily. Tempest is better for the healthcare/dental setting; reason being the surface does not have many places where bacteria can hide. Tempest is becoming very recognized in the healthcare environment. It's nonabsorbent and seamless. Tempest countertop is better used in the hospital setting; in the emergency room where patients are coming in and out; also in all the nurses' workstation.

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