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Samsung Tempest is the premium non-porous work surface that creates a hygienically beautiful environment. Solid Surface material has the ability to be seamlessly fabricated into flowing surfaces, with integrated sinks, drainers and other features

Tempest is a versatile design material, with many uses across a wide range of sectors. In the home - where it began - Tempest creates beautiful kitchens and bathrooms, furniture and lighting. But it can also be found in shops, restaurants, hospitals, offices….almost any environment where design and long-term performance are important.

Tempest in Shops

In retail spaces, Tempest combines versatility with practicality. Because it is formable, it can be thermoformed to fit tight areas or create dramatic impressions. Because it is solid all the way through, it can be inlaid or carved to showcase store logos. Because it is translucent, it can be backlit to add visual impact. Staron can be used to create indoor or outdoor store fronts, signage and wall cladding, counter and checkout areas, and display cases for virtually any kind of retail environment

Tempest in Food Service

Service, food quality and ambiance are key ingredients in a pleasurable dining experience. And the surface materials used make a difference, both in creating an appealing atmosphere and in ensuring that the fresh, clean appearance lasts.

Tempest in Hotels

In hotels, a guest's first impression is key. Stained tabletops and chipped vanities can be a real turn-off. Whether it's the reception area or the bedroom, a fresh, clean, welcoming atmosphere can make the difference between a one-time visitor and a regular guest. With its proven track record in the hotel industry, Tempest is often selected for its aesthetics, its design versatility and its overall performance characteristics.

Tempest in Marine Environments

Tempest has become increasingly popular with marine architects because of its unique combination of aesthetics and functionality. Highly durable and easy to repair, Staron is a sensible choice for areas exposed to moisture, UV rays and extreme temperatures. Staron is the surface material of choice on yachts, cruise ships, ferries, naval vessels, houseboats, offshore platforms, sailboats and powerboats.

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