Granite Kitchen Worktops


Granite Kitchens

Kitchen redesigning is one of the most popular and economically sound projects you can enter into for your home. A full redesign, however, can involve several months of work, and expenses easily in the tens of thousands of pounds. For those looking to increase the beauty of their kitchens, but don't want the hassle or cost of a complete kitchen renovation, a great place to start is by replacing old, worn-out surfaces with elegant granite counters. Like it or not, appearances matter, and the addition of new worktops is a big step in creating a kitchen you'll be happy to show off to others.

Benefits of granite

When it comes to worktops, it's pretty hard to do better than granite and solid surface. Along with their classic good looks and timeless appeal, granite worktops simply perform well. They are extremely hard and durable, and are likely to be the last counters you'll ever need to buy. Unlike less expensive laminate counters, granite worktops won't get scratched under normal use. High-quality granite is unlikely to chip, as well. It is extremely resistant to heat, and in general granite worktops increase in value over their lifetime.

Disadvantages of granite

Like all natural stone, granite is somewhat porous. The higher the quality of your granite, the less porous it will be. Nonetheless, if a very dark liquid is allowed to pool for an extended period of time on very light colored granite, it may stain the stone. Always clean up spills as soon as possible, and make sure that your granite counters are properly sealed.

Another drawback of granite worktops is that you will have to deal with seams (joints). Some other worktop materials like Corian can be installed in one piece for any size or shaped surface. Granite worktop designs are as varied and diverse as its people, creating a continuous, seamless surface out of granite is often not an option.

Types Of Granite

Granite is available in two basic forms: slab and tile. Slab granite is more expensive and more difficult to install, but you won't have to deal with that pesky grout between tiles just about, however, some people choose to install granite tile worktops, and end up saving a few pounds but will not achieve the luxurious appearance of natural stone in their kitchens.

Types Of Granite

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Some of the most intriguing qualities that come with having a as stated before it adds a higher value to your home or business. Also, since everyone has a different style of granite worktops they may want, it will show your sense of style and taste in home decor.

No matter what designs you have already have in your living area, there are plenty of colour schemes for you to choose from when it comes to our granite worktops. If you are looking for a black worktop area, you can choose Absolute Black . For another style of black, you can choose Black Star Galaxy, which features speckles of white and grey within the black areas. Tan Brown is a darker hue of brown, with mixed in speckles of burgundy, grey and charcoal. This adds a beautiful touch to any teak or cherry wood you may have in your home. Baltic Brown is a base colour of medium brown, with touches of dark brown, charcoal, grey, and a hint of burgundy. Verde Uba tuba will give you a great forest green hue, with speckles of charcoal, grey, and a jade green colour. The Sapphire Brown granite worktop does not have any predominant colour in it. With this granite you will have shades and speckles of ivory, charcoal, forest green, medium brown, and grey. Tiger skin will give you a diversity of colours featuring a beige background, dark charcoal, medium grey, light grey, black, and some medium brown. With Santa Cecelia, you will have great granite worktops with a beautiful tan, golden brown, ivory, and a few speckles of charcoal. Pearl Grey, which is the lightest granite worktop offered, has an off white colour, and mixed with ivory, charcoal, and medium grey.

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