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Corian ® Worktops are solely manufactured by Dupont and are a brand of solid surface worktops. As a solid surface it is made of a blend of an acrylic polymer with natural fillers such as quartz and granite particles which add to the overall aesthetic value of Corian as a worktop.

In choosing a worktop for your home or business it is important to get the overall mix of properties right to ensure that your worksurface will look great for years to come. Having said this Corian has been tried and tested in most domestic and commercial enviroments where its inherent properties make it and ideal solution

So what makes Corian different from other solid surfaces. Firstly Corian is an acrylic which makes it significantly harder than most of the polyester branded worktops. This makes it more scratch resistant as well as allowing it to cope with more of the wear and tear associated with the modern household environment. In addition like most solid surfaces Corian worktops are completely non-porous which removes the need for sealants and waxes. This in turn makes them highly resistant to staining and bacterial growth, leading to easy cleaning and maintenance. Corian can also be carved shaped and moulded into practically any size or shape you can think and being thermoformable allows the creation of Corian Sinks. There is also one other property of Corian which makes it an ideal worksurface for practically any environment. Corian can be joined seamlessly meaning that it can be tailored exactly to your requirements.

Corian Worktops

Corian is perhaps one of the most distinguished brand names for solid surface kitchen worktops. When choosing your kitchen worktop Corian® is the obvious choice. Since it introduction into the UK market in 1979 the name Corian® has become synonymous with Solid Surface. Corian® enjoys a worldwide reputation for quality due to its seamless formed joints, and versatility, making it a choice for architects and homeowners in equal measure. One of the most popular things about Corian® is that it has a lot of different functions. It's used within the home for kitchen worktops and for bathroom vanity tops. It can also be used for a wall cladding in areas where there is a lot of moisture and ordinary solutions won't work well or last for a long time. Shaping or thermoforming Corian is also done to make different types of products and creations such as sinks, shower trays and curved worktops.

Corian Worktops Gallery

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Corian Kitchen Worktops Corian Kitchen Worktops Corian Kitchen Worktops Corian Kitchen Worktops Corian Kitchen Worktops

With over 100 colours of Corian® available the possibilities are endless. In addition Corian® variety of thicknesses and shape make Corian® a truly beautiful and functional worktop for your home. With proper care, the surfaces made of Corian® in your home will stay looking like new for many years. A worktop from Corian made by a fabricator certified by DuPont is warranted for 10 years against fabrication and installation defects. And, if you decide to sell your home, your warranty is transferable to the new owners.

To request a quote for Corian® please fill in our quotation form located here. Please give as much detail as you are able as this will enable us to give an accurate quotation alternatively please email your plans, designs and sketches to Plans can also be faxed to us on 01772 324500. If you have any questions regarding Corian Worktops which are not answered here we are here to help please feel free to call us on call us on 01772 324231.

Corian® Worktops

Corian Worktops the original solid surface is manufactured by dupont and as the original solid surface is probably the most well known. So what makes Corian® worktops the brand leader for solid surface worktops in the industry?

Firstly Corian is made from a 100% acrylic polymer making it harder than some of the cheaper solid surfaces on the market. This in turn negates many of the arguments used by granite salesmen when trying to persuade you to buy Granite Worktops instead of Corian® Worktops. If you have been researching Corian worktops for a little time and spoken to sales people here are some of the things you may have heard. Many of the statements applying to cheaper solid surface worktops do not apply to the harder acrylic polymer worktops like Corian, Staron and Tempest.

Corian Scratches. But no more than any other kitchen surface.

Corian® does scratch but only with excessive use such as repetitively using it as a chopping surface. This is true of all Kitchen Worktops, however the main advantage with solid surface worktops such as Corian Worktops is that they can be easily repaired. Most fabricators can provide you with a chopping board in a matching colour to your worktop either included in the price or at a small additional charge. Using this Corian® Chopping Board prevents worktop scratches.

Repairable Worktops

Corian® Worktops are repairable and can be restored to their original quality and finish by a licensed and certified fabricator. Most worktops that are found within the home are repairable to some degree either with patching or buffing. Solid surfaces however are different in that the worktop can in most cases be returned to its original state or better. By using a mix of acrylic resin, colour matched worktop pieces, buffing and polishing, wear and tear, and significant damage can be repaired.

You can't put hot pans on Corian®. Yes you can.

Corian® is designed to withstand the day to day routine of your kitchen. At this point it is worth noting that placing an extremely hot pan directly onto any kitchen worktop will create burn marks and or blanching of colour. This is primarily due to the rapid increase in temperature and as such it is advisable to use a trivet or pan stand. In most cases manufacturers recommend the use of pan stands and trivets to prevent damage to the worktop. In the case of solid surface worktops hob bars can easily be routed into the surface next to hobs or "staging areas" within the kitchen. This prevents colour blanching with even very hot pans.

Corian® Worktops are Expensive

Ok so there is no such thing as a cheap Corian® worktops, however as mentioned in the article above Corian® worktops are harder than many other solid surface worktops and are made to last. By buying direct from a Corian Fabricator like us you can SAVE MONEY ON YOUR CORIAN® WORKTOPS.

As a Fabricator we can save you money both in the long and short term. As a fully licensed and certified fabricator of Corian® Worktops the only limit to your creativity is your imagination and by using a licensed fabricator you can be assured of the full backing of Dupont.

Make Sure if you ask for Corian® that its Corian® you are getting

Corian® Worktops are high quality 100% Acrylic polymer worktops designed for long lasting durability and versatility backed by a 10 year guarantee from dupont.

Many Fabricators offer an alternative solid surface either as a price point or a different colour option or just simply for variety. Some are similar in makeup to Corian® such as Staron, Tempest and Hanex being 100% acrylic, however some are there as a price point and are lower quality solid surfaces. This does not pose a problem as long as they are not sold as Corian Worktops.

If you aren't using a recommended fabricator you may also encounter blank systems. While blank systems fulfil a requirement they limit the creativity of your kitchen. Many of these products are recommended by kitchen fitters as they are able to fit them without the need for heavy investment in additional tools. A solid surface blank system consists of a limited number of colours available in fixed widths and lengths. This reduces the overall cost of the kitchen worktops but reduces the creativity available to the kitchen designer.

Using a Certified and licensed Corian® Worktops Fabricator

Using a certified fabricator up until a few years ago was a difficult prospect. Corian® fabricators dealt almost exclusively with kitchen retailers and had little or no contact with members of the general public. Kitchen retailers where fiercely protective of their contacts as this enabled them to keep margins high.

In more recent times however the internet has played an integral part in the solid surface market place. With so many companies offering worktops such as Corian®, customers invariably find fabricators websites. By using a Certified and licensed Corian® fabricator like us the work carried out by the fabricator is covered by DuPont's 10 year limited warranty programme.

Step by Step guide to Obtaining a Worktop Quote for Corian®

Obtaining a quote for your Corian worktop can be a daunting experience. Most people will buy around 3 kitchens within their lifetime and as such many of the terms used by Kitchen retailers are obscure or contain jargon which the average person may be unfamiliar with.

Below is a simple explanation of the requirements for a basic Corian® quotation


As a certified Corian® fabricator Falkingham Fabrication cover the entirety of the UK. As such we need to know where in the country the installation is to take place. This information is purely for your quote and is treated in the strictest confidence. It will not be shared with other companies or used for any other purpose other than creating your quote and sending samples / brochures should they be required.


If at any stage of your quotation request you make a mistake it will be identified during the templating phase. In this phase we the Corian Fabricator (Falkingham Fabrication) create an exact match of your kitchen worktop on site. The template can then be used in the fabrication of your Corian® Worktop. Creating a template enables us to note additional features such as exact sink and hob position, potential obstructions or problem areas, as well as making sure everything fits seamlessly and perfectly.


Fabrication is the term describing the method by which we take sheet form of Corian® and make it into your worktop.Using a licensed fabricator for this process (Falkingham Fabrication) ensures the standards outlined by the Dupont Quality Network are adhered to. This in turn qualifies you for the 10 year Guarantee.


At Falkingham Fabrication our fully trained, certified and licensed Corian® fabricators professionally install Corian into your kitchen and bathroom.

Colour of your Corian® Worktop

Corian® comes in a variety of colours with different finishes and particle content. As such the Colours are put into four price bands, Band 4 being the most expensive. In order to accurately quote for your Corian worktop a Fabricator like us will require at the very least a price band for your quotation.

This is often an easy choice as the colour is matched into a chosen decor and as such is a good place to start. For a full list of Corian® Colours please click here. The colours are banded to enable you to make an informed choice.


We split your worktop measurements into length x width. This is so that we can accurately obtain an overall picture of your kitchen and the work surface required. This can be supplemented with any additional information such as Worktop 1 is a curved island.

If you are able the ideal solution is to create a plan or sketch of your worktop requirements which can be emailed to or faxed to 01772 324231. If you are having problems with this stage don't worry we are here to help. Call 01772 324231 and one of our fully trained staff will be only too happy to help.


This is the overall thickness of your worktop in mm. The standard thickness for most worktops is 30mm or 40mm , however Corian can be fabricated to any thickness for ease we have limited this to 60mm but if you require a thicker worktop please just ask.

Corian® Sinks

Corian® Fontana Sinks and Corian Fontana Basins

Corian Fontana sinks and basins are bespoke Corian® sinks. They are made to measure and are matched to the colour of your Corian worktop. Seamless, beautiful and matched to your worktop they are available with a lead time of 10 working days.

Corian® sinks in the Fontana range can then be blended seamlessly by your Corian® Certified Fabricator into your worktop creating a beautiful sink area. For a full list and pictures of Corian sinks please visit our Corian Sinks page

Corian® Cast Sinks.

Corian cast sinks are mass produced Corian® sinks and are available in Glacier White, Cameo White, Bone and Vanilla. Available in a variety of sizes from small sinks and basins to large double sinks, each Corian Sink can be seamlessly matched into your Corian worktop, creating a stunning addition to your Corian Worktop. For a full list and pictures of Corian sinks please visit our Corian® Sinks page

Other Sinks

Although Corian sinks make a stunning addition to your Corian® Worktop they are not for everyone and as such we have included a number of other options such as under mounted stainless steel and Belfast sinks. If you haven't already chosen the sink to go with your worktop we would advise you to take advantage of a Corian sink however if you have made up your mind please choose the relevant option.

Drainer Grooves

Corian® drainer grooves can be machined directly into the Corian® worktop and orientated on the left or right hand side of the sink. As Corian® is completely none pourous ie waterproof this is a great way to add to the seamless finish of your sink. If you are installing a sink you will definitely want to take advantage of this.

Tap Cutouts

If you have a mixer tap you will probably only need one tap cutout however if you have two taps or a particular water filter you may require more than one tap.

Corian Upstands and Splash backs

Upstands for Corian are available in two types

Coved upstands

The coved upstand, is fully integrated into the worktop via an invisible join. You can have it as high as you require so it could be the full wall height creating splashbacks with socket and switch cut outs or just have it standard upstand height (e.g. 50mm).

Upstands are joined directly onto the wall and the worktop using the Corian adhesive. Unlike silicone this will not fail after 2 - 5 years and as such creates a long lasting and waterproof seal.

The benefits of the fully integrated upstand are both aesthetic and hygienic as there is no area for dirt to trap. It is a more expensive option than the standard upstand though. Available in all solid surface colours.

Standard Upstand

The standard upstand, as seen on the right, is joined at a perpendicular ninety degree angle to the worktop. It doesn't have the curved fully integrated appeal but you can still have it as high as you require so it could be the full wall height creating splashbacks with socket and switch cut outs or just standard upstand height (e.g. 50mm. )

Upstands are joined directly onto the wall and the worktop using the Corian adhesive. Unlike silicone this will not fail after 2 - 5 years and as such creates a long lasting and waterproof seal.

The standard upstand is aesthetically the basic option but it is relatively cheaper than the coved.

Available in all solid surface colours

Hob Cutouts

If you intend to place a hob or hobs into your Corian worktop you will need a hob cutout. Each hob has a specific set of dimensions to enable us to create the correct fit . At this stage however we only need to know whether you require a cut out or not.

Plan / Sketch / Drawing your Kitchen or Bathroom

If you have a complex requirement for a kitchen or bathroom worktop it is often difficult to describe in words or over a telephone conversation. As such a simple sketch or plan can help. This doesn't need to be a Van Gogh but should include dimensions and locations of items such as sink, hob, dishwashers windows and doors plus any other information you think is pertinent.

If you are not a computer wizard worry not.

Most Windows machines contain Paint which is a simple graphics program enabling you to create sketches with Ways to get your plan sketch or drawing to us include

by post to
1a Allerton Road, Preston, PR5 4QD

By Email to

By Fax Please fax to 01772 324500

To request a quote for Corian please fill in our quotation form located here. Please give as much detail as you are able as this will enable us to give an accurate quotation alternatively please email your plans, designs and sketches to Plans can also be faxed to us on 01772 324500. If you have any questions regarding Corian Worktops which are not answered here we are here to help please feel free to call us on call us on 01772 324231.

Is Corian Expensive

Many peoples first encounter with Corian worktops is through a Kitchen retail showroom. The worktops look fantastic creating the intial interest with a flawless, seamless finish. Put simply you want one. This usually leads to a price being given by the salesman leads consumers to believe Corian is expensive.

Ok so Corian is not a cheap product but by buying direct from a certified Corian Fabricator you not only ensure, a quality product and finish with guarantee backed up by Dupont, but you can also save up to 40% off the retail cost. This is not a sales gimmick and represents a real money saving. By cutting out the retailer you cut out the middle man and save money on your Corian worktops.

To request a quote for Corian please fill in our quotation form located here. Please give as much detail as you are able as this will enable us to give an accurate quotation alternatively please email your plans, designs and sketches to Plans can also be faxed to us on 01772 324500. If you have any questions regarding Corian Worktops which are not answered here we are here to help please feel free to call us on call us on 01772 324231.

If you have looked into solid surface worktops for your home you will no doubt have come across several solid surface worktops some of which are considerably cheaper than Corian so why should you choose Corian?

Cheaper solid surfaces are often made up of Acrylic and Polyester substrates. In many cases this reduces the hardness of the worktop. This one factor alone makes many solid surfaces unsuitable for long term use within environments such as a kitchen, where a high demand is places on the worksurface. Some of the worksurfaces in question are even subject to delamination and cracking within the warranty period . As a solid surface your Corian worktop is made to last and if fitted and maintained correctly Corian can last a lifetime.

Corian Worktops a Designers Dream

Corian Worktops incredible versatility makes your Kitchen worktop truly unique. Corian can be cut, glued drilled, thermoformed, vacuum moulded shaped and bent to create your ideal worktop. The seamless joints, sweeping curves and dramatic corner shapes of a Corian worktop, combined with its none porous nature ideal for kitchens. The seamless finish reduces bacterial growth, while its none porous nature makes Corian completely waterproof and easy to clean. Corian resists staining and scorching without having its finish destroyed. Even major damage to your Corian worktop can be easily repaired and returned to its original state by a licensed fabricator.The aspects outlined above make Corian the choice for many interior designers, architects and home owners alike.

To request a quote for Corian please fill in our quotation form located here. Please give as much detail as you are able as this will enable us to give an accurate quotation alternatively please email your plans, designs and sketches to Plans can also be faxed to us on 01772 324500. If you have any questions regarding Corian Worktops which are not answered here we are here to help please feel free to call us on call us on 01772 324231.

Durability of Corian Worktops

As previously mentioned Corian worktops are made from a hard acrylic polymer making them tough and able to resist normal use within a kitchen. Although it is not easy to chip, dent crack Corian it is possible. A red hot pan, chopping directly onto the worktop without a chopping board or similar instances will eventually mark your Corian Worktop.

If you are dealing with a licenced and certified Corian fabricator such as Falkingham Fabrication this is not a problem. Unlike some solid surface worktops Corian is easily repaired. Corian can be filled in, smoothed over and sanded returning it to its original condition. This combined with the 10 year warranty offered by Dupont makes Corian a truly outstanding Kitchen worksurface.

DuPont Quality Network Principles

DuPont is a name you can depend on for quality. Commitment to our customers does not end with a sale. DuPont has a large network of trained and certified professionals to ensure that installation/fabrication goes smoothly so that end-consumers are completely satisfied with their purchase - whether the application is residential or commercial.

Backed by a 10-year Limited Warranty, Corian is tough enough to stand up to everyday realities of a busy home.

An exceptional network strengthens our reputation for quality. DuPont has developed a Quality Network of fabricators (eg Falkingham Fabrication)who are dedicated to delivering the very best standards of installation and service. Their primary goal and attitudes are to ensure that customers are highly satisfied with their Corian installations.

What is Quality Network?

Members of the Quality Network (eg Falkingham Fabrication)are committed to ensuring that customers receive the highest quality product and service from ALL the companies in the supply chain. Its members are Certified Fabricators and Service Centres. All Quality Network members have been assessed and trained by DuPont in how to fabricate, install, repair and maintain Corian. They are also responsible for applying and fulfilling the 10-Year Limited Installed Warranty Program.

What is the 10-Year Limited Installed Warranty Program?

DuPont offers two levels of warranty protection for Corian: on product level and on installation level. The product warranty is standard for all Corian products and ensures that they will be free of manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years after purchase. A higher level of coverage, the Limited Installed Warranty, is only available when fabrication and installation are carried out by a Corian Certified Fabricator (eg Falkingham Fabrication). This Limited Installed Warranty expands the product warranty and also ensures that fabrication and installation of the finished product will be free of defects.

What is a Certified Fabricator?

An Certified Fabricator is trained by DuPont and works accordingly to Dupont's guidelines. He receives technical updates via protected websites and Newsletters. Membership of the Quality Network demonstrates to customers that he is ready to do everything it takes to deliver the highest quality and to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Falkingham Fabrication are members of the Quality Network.

The Certified Fabricator maintains the responsibility for ensuring that the final installed quality is done as per DuPont's guidelines and meets or exceeds the customer's requirements.

How does a fabricator become certified?

Any fabricator working with Corian can become certified. All it takes is the right attitude and craftsmanship! After having followed a DuPont training, the fabricator can apply to become a part of the Quality Network group. The fabricator agrees to a workshop and staff inspection and assessment by a Corian Service Centre by showing a Corian piece of art to show he works accordingly to the Dupont guidelines.

The fabricator demonstrates a positive attitude to promoting the Corian product. After thorough inspection legalised contracts are being exchanged between DuPont and the Corian fabricator.

What is the advantage of being part of the Quality Network?

Our warranty process starts at installation, when your customer will have his chance to inspect his surface to insure that he is completely satisfied right from the start. Most important though is that your asset makes sure that the Corian surface is covered by the DuPont limited warranty.


The 10-year Limited Installed Warranty applies to the owner of a permanent installation of Corian when installed by a Dupont Certified Fabricator. Due to the unique properties of Corian, the Certified Fabricator or Service Centre will repair rather than replace, without charge, the Corian product if it fails due to any manufacturing defect during the first 10 years after initial installations, except for damage caused by physical, chemical or other abuse, damage from excessive heat, use in certain applications or acts of nature. (Please consult the Corian Use & Care guidelines with warranty conditions)

This warranty does not cover products made by other suppliers or manufacturers, nor does it cover installations of Corian which are not performed by DuPont Certified Fabricators.

Corian warranty is transferable to the next purchaser of a home providing the new owner writes to DuPont to register the installation under the new owner's name.

Applications in saunas, showerpans, steamrooms and outdoors uses are excluded.

A proof of purchase needs to be submitted with every warranty request!

Repair or Replace

DuPont will repair any area of the installation that has a manufacturing defect. If a repair is not possible, DuPont will replace the defective area of the installation. DuPont will pay for the cost of the product, labour involved in the removal and replacement of the original installation or product. The Certified Fabricator will be responsible for any other costs associated with or arising out of the repair or replacement. Whether DuPont performs repair or replacement of your installation, we will seek to obtain the best possible result, but exact colour match cannot be guaranteed. Should we elect to replace your Corian installation, your warranty will continue from the original date of installation and not from the date of repair or replacement.

Corian Service Centre

Dupont appoints a Service Centre to perform warranty in the sense of repairing a damage and offer general care and maintenance work and to use, display and promote the Corian branding in according with DuPont's guidelines.

The Service Centre works according to pre-determined rates, instructed by DuPont.

They execute Quality Network inspections.

They honour all warranty claims per DuPont guidelines, using best efforts to repair or replace. Above all they judge a complaint objectively.

Corian Quote

Corian Vs Granite

Corian is a great solution when choosing your worktops or solid surface for multiple reasons.

1. Corian is resistant to staining, heat, and is overall very durable. Surfaces are meant to be functional. We use them every day and we ask a lot from them to stand up to the abuses we put them through. Corian is a very durable product that can stand up to the demands that we place on them. Corian stands up well to abrasive cleaners that would be potentially damaging to other worktops. These surfaces are made to last and stand the test of time.

2. Corian surfaces come in a vast array of colors and styles, far more than their granite counterparts. Choosing Corian will allow you to have more styles and colors to choose from. This will allow you to match your surface to the style and feel of the room with greater ease.

3. Corian is non-porous. Granite will absorb liquids and stains. Corian surfaces will not. Granite worktops actually need to be treated with a sealant on an annual basis. worktops, whether they are in the shower or the bathroom, are constantly covered in liquids. The fact that Corian worktops will not absorb liquid will make cleaning less of an issue. You will be able to relax knowing that your surfaces are protected by the solid and smooth finish.

4. Corian surfaces are easy to repair and refinish. If you need your current Corian surfaces repaired we can help! Fill out our simple form to get in touch with pre-screened worktops contractors that will install, repair, or refinish any Corian surface in your home.


Corian Worktops

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