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Corian Dental Worktops for Dental Surgeries and Decontamination Rooms

Falkingham Fabrication can offer you the benefit of our experience hard earned through hundreds of dental worktop installations. As a solid surface fabricator with a firm grounding within the health sector we are able to offer help and practical advice in selecting Corian® Dental Worktops for your dental surgery.

With years of experience installing dental worktops Falkingham Fabrication is the obvious choice for your new dental worktops. Fabricated bespoke you are able to choose any of the 100 corian colours available for your dental surgery, whether you are looking for worktops for your new surgery or dental decontamination room.

April 2011
"Over the next two years, the registration of healthcare providers, including dental practices both working within the NHS and entirely privately, will be introduced. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) will oversee this process and have regulatory responsibility to ensure that the requirements for registration are met". Page 2 HTM 01-05 - Please refer to page 45 of HTM 01-05 for details of "Healthcare regulation by the Care Quality Commission" For a copy of HTM0105 please click here

No pores or voids and seemless impermeable joins don't encourage mould or bacteria, reducing the risk of cross infection, and saving time in daily and yearly cleaning.

  • All solid surface materials are Hygiene certified.
  • With integrated sinks and bowls eliminate the cleaning problem around sink rims.
  • With coved backsplash eliminate the difficulty of cleaning at the backsplash area.

When choosing solid surface worktop material for a dental area you have to look for the essentials as nonabsorbent, hygienic and easy to clean worktops. Corian® is perfect choice. Designers are now taking in consideration of creating a more comfortable setting in dental environment. Corian solid surface worktop have all the benefits required for the steraliation zones. People have to always consider solid surface that in the long term will not cost you money.

Corian® is a brand of solid surface worktops that was developed by the industrial powerhouse DuPont. As such it is the original and best available solid surface countertop you can buy. It represents the best choice in several areas, some of which include sanitation, ease of use and maintenance, ease of installation, and design options. Corian can be built for you in hundreds of colors with any style of edge you can imagine (bullnose, for example) and is extremely versatile. Corian® is microscopically much tighter than granite and can be easily disinfected for safe food preparation. It is easily repaired even in the worst case scenario (such as burns or cracks). It never needs to sealed like granite or concrete and lasts much longer than veneers. It really is an amazing material.

Corian® solid surface worktop is becoming very popular in the dental setting. Corian solid surface worktop is ideal where hygiene and easy upholding is essential. Corian® is very durable, non-porous, and resistant to heat and impact. You can also sand out minor scratches easily. Corian® is better for the dental setting; reason being the surface does not have many places where bacteria can hide. Corian is becoming very recognized in the healthcare environment. It's nonabsorbent and seamless characteristics make it the ideal solution for easy maintenance.

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Corian in Dental Surgeries Corian in Dental Surgeries Corian in Dental Surgeries Corian in Dental Surgeries Corian in Dental Surgeries

Corian Dental Decontamination Rooms

Corian Worktops in a dental surgery or decontamination room provide an ideal solution to maintaining a hygienic environment. By incorporating moulded corian sinks and integrated upstands along with seamless joints your worktop maintains a seamless and none porous barrier against bacterian and other harmful pathogens.

Easy to clean, maintain and repair Corian worktops will stay looking fantastic over an extended lifespan.

Integrated Sinks for Dental Surgeries and Decontamination Rooms

One of the major advantages of using solid surface worktops in your dental surgery or decontamination room is the availability of integrated sinks. Corian Dental Sinks are joined to the worksurface using a chemical adhesive meaning there is no joint line and allowing sinks to be seamlessly integrated as part of the worksurface. Being made from Corian these dental sinks benefit from the same inherent properties you would expect from Corian and are therefore easy to repair, seamlessly integrated, and completely none porous meaning they do not harbour bacteria. Sinks are available without overflow on request.

Integrated Upstand, Coved Upstands

Integrated Dental Upstand By utilising an integrated or coved upstand your upstand and worktop become a complete piece. As they are fabricated bespoke they can be manufactured to any height or thickness and can incorporate switches & sockets where required leaving an aesthetically pleasing and hygienic surface.

Coved upstands can be created in any size from a small 50mm to a full wall cladding and can be done in either the same or complementary colours as your worktops. This allows you to create your own distinctive corporate environment while at the same time maintaining the hygienic and aesthetic values required.

Setting Up a Dental Decontamination Room

Below is a list of points to consider when setting up your dental decontamination room

  1. Room must be well lit with enclosed intact, easy to clean lighting which is flush mounted / recessed.
  2. Room should be well ventilated and airflow must be clean to dirty. Windows should have intact seals and should be kept closed whilst room is in use. Window blinds should be clean and curtains should not be used. Advice should be sought from a ventilation engineer
  3. Flooring must be non slip, continuous and jointless. There should be coving between the floor and the wall and joints should be sealed where they are unavoidable
  4. There should be a single run of sealed easily cleanable worktops which should be impervious and jointless. Solid surface worktops such as Corian, Staron or Tempest are ideal as they join seamlessly.
  5. Walls should be smooth, intact, and easy to clean, fluid impermeable and will not shed particles. Pipe work or cables should be boxed in. By using a solid surface worktop (Corian, Staron or Tempest) and coved integrated upstands and splashbacks walls can be cladd seamlessly and can be used to integrate sockets and electrical work
  6. The room should be easily accessible for all staff and ensure safe & secure working practices in line with current Health and Safety and Disability Discrimination Legislation - considerations will need to be given to; electrical equipment, fire safety, excess heat, noise levels, moving and handling, working with potentially hazardous substances.
  7. An enhanced power supply may be required for washer disinfectors.

The following should be included in the dirty room

  1. Dedicated Handwash sink with elbow operated or sensor controlled taps. No plug or overflow Corian Dental Sinks can be supplied without overflow and can be seamlessly integrated into the worktop
  2. Clinical waste bin
  3. Dedicated worktop space for set down area for dirty instruments
  4. 2 Separate wash and rinse sinks OR a double bowl sink. These will need to be rectangular deep filled flat bottomed sinks with attached draining boards. Waterproof splash backs should be used at each sink. Taps should be lever operated that do not drain directly into the drain. The sinks should have no overflow, the running trap should be remote from each sink. Ideally each sink should have an upstand overflow tube plug.Corian Dental Sinks can be supplied without overflow and can be seamlessly integrated into the worktop
  5. Ultrasonic bath - optional
  6. Handpiece cleaning / oiling machine - optional
  7. Washer disinfector - may be on worktop or under work top - consider double ended with 2nd door opening into the clean room - this will avoid the need for the pass through hatch to the clean room.
  8. If a single ended washer disinfector is used a pass through hatch with set down area will need to be placed in wall from dirty room to clean
  9. RO machine may need to be installed and may be next to or underneath washer disinfector
  10. Dedicated worktop space for inspection - to have task lighting and magnifying device - NB this may be in dirty or clean room and if using double ended Washer Disinfector it will be in the clean room

The following should be accommodated in the clean room;

  1. Dedicated Handwash basin
  2. Benchtop Sterilisers
  3. Worktop space for packaging
  4. Dedicated instrument storage cupboards for storing sterilised instruments, these may be under worktop cupboards or floor to ceiling - this will be dependent on space.
  5. The clean room may be used to store other consumables such as gloves, masks, paper towels, pouches etc

Points for consideration when purchasing equipment;

  1. Size of machine - need to be large enough to accommodate the required throughput
  2. Load type - Handpieces should be re-processed in a vacuum steriliser
    • Instruments that are pre-packed prior to sterilisation can be stored for 30 days this can only be done in a vacuum steriliser
  3. Cycle time
  4. Reliability
  5. Cost of upkeep / ongoing costs: servicing, testing, solutions
  6. Compatibility of solutions with Handpieces (washer disinfectors) Irrigation system for Handpieces incorporated (washer disinfectors)
  7. Easy to use with simple cleaning regime or automated cleaning process and maintenance programme.
  8. Automated data loggers
  9. Maintenance contract and service response time
  10. Provision of staff training user and operator training

When purchasing an ultrasonic bath the following specifications should be considered;

  1. A stainless steel tank large enough to accommodate the required throughput
  2. Minimum and maximum fluid level indicators
  3. Reservoir drainage facility
  4. Integral basket
  5. Hinged auto-locking lid
  6. An automatic data logger
  7. Display indicator integral to the unit


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